Does the X-carve 300W spindle mount fit the "Quiet Spindle"?


I’m having issues with the X-carve 300W spindle and it is to be sent back. I’m wondering if the “quiet spindle” will fit in the same mount?

Are you asking about the 48V 300W spindle?

Yes, I believe that’s the one! I have one of those available and another power supply.

It looks like it is the same diameter just it should fit in the same mount. I just checked the Inventables site, they say it will fit

Thank you Allen!! That’s awesome!

I upgraded to the 48v 300w spindle when the 24 v crapped the bed. fits prefectly and works awsome!

I switched to the quiet spindle today and it seems to work great so far. The other power supply I had available was 24V aswell, so I wired them up I series for 48V! Thanks for your help!