Doesn't cut all the way through

Since I upgraded my X-Carve 1000 I can’t get it to cut all the way through. Tried using a different thickness but it still doesn’t work.

Not much to go here! When you say thickness do you mean the wood or the cut depth? Did you z zero your bit? Check your cut depth.

Can you lower the router in the spindle holder?

Have you recalibrated your machine after the upgrade?

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Yes. I lowered the spindle mount and it helped but still isn’t consistent. It starts carving in the air above the material for several passes before the bit touches the material. I never had these problems before I upgraded. Very frustrating!

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If you also upgraded the z you need to recalibrate it. If not I would make set a block up mark where you bit is, lower it, use the same block and remark then measure to verify lowered distance. Could be coupling is slipping as well. Ive had the coupling slip several times over the years of use there’s a few helpful videos on YouTube