Doesn't look like this is ready for prime time

Besides issues with canvas size and centering, STL imports don’t work correctly and DXF has a scaling issue. Not sure you should be charging people to use this software just yet. Should expand your beta testing and fix these issues before releasing it.

Can you clarify any of these?

Hi Fred, I responded in your other thread and I’m sure that if we can talk things out, we can help you resolve your issues.

I have struggled a lot with importing stuff I want to carve because there are a lot of crap files out there. I have tried to make my own, and struggled too. There are many reasons why Easel might not import things the way that you want or need, and there are knowledgeable people here who can help.

If you share a link to your project here, we can look and see what is going on and advise you of what to do?

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Isn’t it wonderful that they provide a 30 day free trial for users to decide whether they feel it’s worth the cost or not without ever investing any money up front?
Yet still there are [my estimate based on self collected data] over 40,000 paying customers of the Easel Pro service, so it must not be too faulty.

The design panel doesn’t align center to your work area, nor does it in any other of the main 4 cnc CAD/CAM softwares. It’s not intended to do so, the user assigns the work coordinates prior to running the carve, the work zeros can be assigned to front left, OR center (see video I posted in your other thread)

In my experience, the STL Import function works as intended, please describe the issues you are experiencing. There might be known solutions to the struggles you’re facing.

Import scaling issues are common amongst all CNC CAD softwares due to the way that CAM softwares assign scaling information within the files not having a standard. In fact when a DXF/SVG is saved in one CAM software and imported into another (neither of which being Easel) the scaling issue you’ve mentioned is not uncommon to experience. (totally outside of Easel)
For what It’s worth, and this won’t necessarily resolve your scaling issue, but I find that when I import SVG I have much better results over importing DXF. So I use a different CAD software to convert DXF’s to SVG prior to importing into Easel.

I say this candidly as it is a factual trend; ironically, it is always the ones who are quite boastful (such as including this information in their profile header) of their engineering background who manage to have the most issues with hobbyist level CNCs and their software. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just reporting the trend I’ve noticed over the years.


Is there plans in the near future to increase the size of stl files that be imported

Thanks Tom