Dog Collar Tag

This was one of those projects that didn’t quite work out.

I have a dog. I love this dog. She is my baby and I spoiler her to no end. I had a small piece of wenge wood left over from a previous project that was just big enough for either a single earring or a dog collar tag. I opted to go the dog tag route.

I already had this vector illustration I made a while back based on her head silhouette and figured she would think it was pretty cool to have a tag based on her own head.

I cut it out using a cheap .05 bit from China and it worked like a dream. It was one of the few things that I have had zero issues with. Set up was fast, cut perfect on the first try and only took about 10 min to mill. It was my cnc unicorn.

Why didn’t it work out… I should have measured how big a typical dog tag really is. With zero measuring and just guessing based on what I thought was a good size it turned out about 4x the size of a normal tag. When I put it on her she HATED it. It was giant. She wouldn’t even walk around. Just layed on the ground acting like it was 1000 lbs till I took it off.

Oh well… its a key chain until I get a bigger dog.


Oh poor baby. She looks distressed. Why you’re not trying engraving smaller scale instead of pocketing. Even you can do it on piece of aluminum plate.

Here is a tag I made for our dog, still needs a little work


Nice Glenn, you Can save time and work if you use anodized Aluminium.

I Made a Tag for the key from my bros New car.

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