Dog Tag Engraving

I am trying to set up Easel free version to engrave a 1/2 x 1/2 in area on an aluminum dog tag that is 1/32" thick. I have a carbide end mill P28-D1/16" for this purpose. When I set up the area in Easel and add the Text, set it to clear out pocket and set the depth to be half of the thickness, it does not show in the preview and will not generate g-code to be used in candle… I am new to this, so I am sure I am missing some setting to allow for this to work.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forums Wendy. My guess would be your bit is to big for what you are wanting to carve. Try putting a 60 degree vbit in instead of the 1/32" bit and run the simulation and see what you get.


A good troubleshooting tip - if it does not show the full carve in the preview - or fails to do the full carve in the object, the bit is too large in diameter to complete the fine line portions of the carve. ie. The bit is wider than the cut. Wayne’s recommendation to switching to a v-bit works if you are using the Pro version of the Easel software.