Dogbone box making

I was wondering if it is possible to make a box with the dogbones so that one of the ends would be angled out more at the top of the box?

I have No idea what your question is actually asking, but I use box maker classic, followed by the dogbone generator tool for my boxes :man_shrugging:

Are you asking for a box that would look like this?



Brandon Parker

Yes that is more or less what I am looking for but I also need to be able to put the dogbone tabs on it so it will fit together.

EDIT: After re-reading your question I see what your trying to accomplish This process is NOT what you need, Easel doesn’t have a tool for angled sides like you asked for… But I had read the dogbone part and though that was all you were asking about… :man_facepalming:

In order to get those angle sides to have tabs that interlock, you would need to cut the tabs at an angle (for those angled side boxes, the angled tabs are usually cut with a table saw box joing jig clamped at an angle to hold the workpiece offset from the blade based on the splayed out angle of each side, but since a cnc cut at 90 degreed from the surface, it really can’t make the inside angles on the tabs correctly…)

Regardless, this is how you add dogbones to a tab. (even though this isn’t what you were acting for)

Thanks for the detailed explanation it was very helpful. First cause I learned something new and second I found out I was using the wrong terminology for what I was trying to say, not terribly far off but now I really know what dogbones are and how they are used thanks to your very informative video.
After your video, I actually think I figured out how to do what I want to do and I will still be able to fit the pieces together and then just trim off the tabs that hang out at the ends. When I finish building it in easel I will upload a pic of the design to see what everyone says.

Thanks for the help!

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