Donate an 1000mm X Carve For 4H Kids

Hi I live in Post Falls ID and volunteer with our Local 4H program for the last 16 years. We have no access to any cnc machines in our schools or local business that would allow kids. I would love to have an X-carve donated to our Club and allow our kids the opportunity to create new project and also create fund raising opportunity. I Open my home, shop and tools to the kids free of charge. I have a tax ID # to make it a non-profit tax deductible donation.

Someone in town has 4 CNC sharks with Vectric for $550 apiece. See if you can get someone in town to spring for the cash. These should easily handle a 4H project.

Thanks for the link. The link was removed that day! so sad!

This isn’t a bad deal either. The seller is in Canada so there is a conversion and some shipping but not a bad price for the size. If the fellow is in BC and you like road trips you might save some shipping.

I’m the seller of the OX and I’m actually in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Hope that helps.

I ready your post… not sure are you selling a complete unit or parts. I am new to the cnc world and not up on all the terms… also I am in Idaho… far drive to that part of :canada:! Lol

Hi Tammy,

The kit does not include the stepper motors, wiring, limit sensors, control board, dust boot, cable chains. What you get is all the mechanical parts as you see in the photos. I can sell you the parts that are missing for an added cost. What you will end up with is a large size CNC machine capable of doing the same projects as the X-carve but also larger projects and arguably faster cuts since the OX is more sturdy due to the design and heavy plates on the X and Y axis joins.

If you want a quote on the extra parts just private message me.


See my response

I would like more info please robertmitchell

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