Door/Panel tags

I’m trying to create new tags to replace old tags like the ones in the attached photo.
I’m using the two-color HDPE for a material and a 1/16" fishtail upcut bit to cut through the upper layer of the color so the white letters appear.

my problem is getting the letters to cut so they are readable. they are cut too wide/large and are not readable.
the tags are about 3/4" tall and a couple inches long so the letters are small.
the width of letter needs to be 1/16" and .02 inches deep (I have no problem with the depth). I have tried several fonts but none seem to work.
I have had problems with parts of the font not being cut and lots of error messages about the bit being to big to cut some parts of the design

has anyone made this style tag before? I looked through the forum and could not find anything similar.
what i need is what font to use for the 1/16" bit I’m using and the other settings I need to set it up.
I can create the design and get everything correct looking in the design but cannot get it to cut correctly. the font stroke width seems to be the issue. is there a way to set the font stroke width?

I would suggest using a 30 degree .01" tip engraving bit and v-carve those. I believe some use F-Engrave as it is a free program. That will give you crisp and even more tiny lettering. You could try to pocket those letters with the engraving bit using just easel and play with your depth so the letters don’t get too wide. You could with trial and error get a very nice result that way as well.

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I have had good luck using Easel for quite small lettering. I use an engraving bit as the other reply suggests. I have some two color acrylic 1/16" thick and carve to a depth of 0.4mjm for lines and 0.2mm for lettering. Bit size is 0.01" The 1/16" bit was not able to make letters unless they are very very large.

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