Double Drag Chain for Water Cooled Spindle

Thanks to Coronavirus, I’ve had time to work on my X-Carve. I bought an 800 watt water cooled spindle and a 1.5 kw VFD. I’m going to cool it using a Koolance external cooler, EX2-755 and a variety of Koolance fittings, feeding the hoses through a second drag chain. In order to make all of this happen, I had to design and 3D print some brackets and order a drag chain kit from Inventables. The full write-up is on my Thingiverse page. Big picture, I’m about 90% complete and I’m just working on a mounting solution for the cooler.

I also had to design my own spindle mount because I didn’t care for the ones that were available and I wanted to reuse my 3D printed aluminum laser mount bracket.



A little late to the party but why 3D print an entire new Spindle Mount instead of keep using the original one and just 3D print a Spacer to fill the gap between the Spindle Mount and the Spindle? Not only would it be a more economical solution but I’m willing to argue that it would also be a more reliable one to keep using an extruded metal Spindle Mount instead of a 3D printed plastic one.

I didn’t have an FDM 3D Printer at the time so the last task of my DeWalt 611 ( on the X-Carve ) was CNC Milling two split Spacers out of a piece of 10mm thick Delrin ( POM ) for my 800W Spindle to be inserted from the top and bottom.

Pages from thingiverse would not open correctly but from what I’ve seen it looks like you did a great job on this. Congrats!

They may not have used plastic. For example; 3D printing with carbon fiber is very common these days.

My argument still stands :no_mouth:

Not answering for him, but he has a different spindle mounting plate. Original one won’t fit?