Double Humbucker Pickguard File

Hi XCarve users,
Does anyone have a file for a double humbucker pickguard?
Also, which bit would you use?
I have seen some people use an 1/16th upcut or a Vbit.
Router settings?
Speed Settings?
I have a sheet of 3 ply black/white/black and am putting it on a telecaster. No telecaster plate. The pickguard will hold the controls.
Thanks for your help!

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Hey Antony, that’s a ‘72 custom plate you’re looking for then?

Stencils and drawings -

In cad I would have two files, the outer edges that get the bevel, and one for the perimeter. Use a straight bit to cut out the straight sections and perimeter, and then switch to a V bit to locate holes and cut bevels. To do holes, I usually put a .010 diameter circle where the centers of the holes go and adjust the z to cut a little dimple. You can also drill the the holes with the appropriate straight bit, but sometimes I’ll just use a drill press.

[72 Custom - Deluxe (4).pdf](file:///C:/Users/mmggu/Downloads/72%20Custom%20-%20Deluxe%20(4).pdf)

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