Double lined SVG

I realize there have been several discussion about how easel treats svg as if it has double lines. However, after reading the threads and watching videos I still don’t understand.

I have an SVG file of outline of the state of TN. However, easel doesn’t not treat it as a single line but two lines that easel will only cut out with a 1/16th between the lines bit rather than letting it be cut on a single line with a 1/8th. I loaded it into inscape and tried going the breaking apart thing where I could one of the lines in inkscape, but that didn’t work.

Thoughts on how ot fix this? I would rather learn to do it myself than have someone do it for me.

Thanks in advance.

There maybe easier ways but this will work. In easel go to the edit node section enlarge so that you can see the two lines, then delete the nodes of one line until they are all gone. The line is now gone and you have only a single line remaining.

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I have had that problem and if I go to and load the svg I can remove the double lines.

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I too have been frustrated by the double lines in my SVGs. I download a lot of free graphics from the internet and they are almost all multiple lines. Easel takes so much extra time carving the double lines. I have found a solution that works for me. I do want to preface that I use AutoCAD and Illustrator, the same results can be done in free programs such as DraftSight for CAD and Inkscape for Illustrator. I open the graphic into Illustrator and save it as a DXF file so a CAD program can read it. Once in CAD, I zoom into a small section and delete the fill, you are left with hollow images. I next delete all of the unwanted lines, sometimes I have to explode certain features as they are a single unit. next I trim away all excess lines at intersections. I save the file from the CAD program to a DXF file and open it in Illustrator. Now I can select it, expand it and ungroup it so I can save it as a SVG file Easel can use. The little effort I do for this is well worth the less carving time. I have included a JPG of a hand graphic I downloaded and the steps involved.

Do you have illustrator? You can go into trace options and change it from fill to strokes. Might have to mess with the stroke thickness to get it to look right but you should have a single line then.

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Post the file, or share your Easel project and let’s have a look.

Thanks for the replies. This will come in handy and points out I need to spend more time working on learning an image app. I used one of the earlier techniques ( I believe sing maker came). I think I used maker cam, but these techniques look better. Thanks for the feedback.

I have just today found an acceptable solution for me to trace images and get single lines instead of double lines.

I decided to bump this topic to the top to see if this procedure would help others.

It uses Inkscape which I believe many people have used as a tool at some point.

The instructions for installing the python scripts. etc. to Inkscape are downloaded here…

I like the results. I don’t have to edit the SVG image for the double lines. Some node editing was needed to attach some lines to match the original though.

I hope this is helpful. It’s kind of a pay it forward to thank this group for all the help it has provided me.


I just went back and reread the instructions. The link above is for Inkscape 0.92. For more info and the instructions for inkscape 0.92.2 look here…