Double sided laser alignment and mill. (Business card project)

So @PhilJohnson way with the cone works out great. I just couldn’t figure it out at the moment so I tried a different way.

I first attached the laser. Also I used phils laser mount. I used the code M3S10 in the macros section. This macro will bring on laser at lowest power. Put the laser where ever you want and I marked that with a pen.

I then performed my laser g code

I then took off the mount then added my bit. I went with a .0625 bit. (Mine was .059 with calipers). I then put bit in middle of my dot

Then profiled out the piece.

After I had a right angle on my wasteboard. I aligned laser first in corner then slid the work piece underneath and measured the 3" from heat sink
Here’s photo before sliding work piece underneath

After just a little sanding and boom!!! you’re done. There’s prob a ton of easier ways to do it. I just did it this way because of less screw up on my part.


Hahaha yeah should’ve just did a dot at x0 y0. Probably would’ve been smooth one shot transition.

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Does it make a difference if it’s first or last? I’ve never tried it. More chance of screwing up if 0,0 was first?

Thanks man! Def getting better and can’t wait to get a better handling on other techniques

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