Double Sided Tape = Gummy Bit


I just started cutting MDF all the way through with light duty double sided tape holding the piece (no tabs :smile: ) and love it! The only downside is that the glue builds up on the cutting bit.

What do you recommend I use to clean the glue off the bit?

Thank you for your help.


Put some goo-gone in a little box the bits come in. Let it soak for a little while.

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The little box/container idea is great. I found that WD40 also breaks down adhesives. In case you do not have Goo Gone handy.

It all depend on the adhesive. You could also start with alcohol. This works great with epoxy and acrylic paints. Dried brushes with acrylics will clean up with alcohol. I like to start with the simplest and work up to the more harsh chemicals

I’ve found that it’ll just rub off with a piece of soft wood as a scraper. Since acetone is about my only handy solvent, I’d try that if it was stubborn.