Double-sided tape

I’ve seen people using double sided tape to hold stuff down. If I’m cutting all the way through my wood, is there any concern to having my bit go right through the tape? I’m not sure I will be able to get the tape only inside of the cutting area if I’m cutting out several small pieces, and I’d rather not use tabs on these tiny pieces (the whole cutout would end up just being tabs!).

So, does cutting through the tape gum up my bit or do anything bad?

I’ve used double sided tape on just about everything I’ve carved so far with great success, though fortunately my stock has been large enough to where I could get the tape out of the way of the carving area. There are some interesting pressure fit clamps in this thread that you might look into:

Now that my wasteboard is nice and grooved, the tape is not working so well. :wink: I really need to look into a vacuum table…

I’m using double sided Carpet Tape mostly if I don’t have edge on my material for clamping. Never have problem, no gums on bits. Besides, you must adjust Z zero careful anyway, drawing deep lines on your waste board is not fun either.