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Double stick tape. Best kind

Any tips on the best kind of double stick tape ?

I tend to buy this at lowes. There is a bit of learning curve on how much to use, as too much makes it hard to remove the part and too little it can shift.

I used to use a double sided cloth carpet tape by manco, but they don’t carry is locally anymore. The duct tape can leave a residue that comes off pretty easily with acetone. I tried the tape and superglue once and wasn’t impressed with the overwhelming glue stench.

I prefer the Yellow Frog tape, it’s located in the paint supplies at big box hardware stores. The blue painters tape doesn’t seem to have enough “stick” to it.
I was using Gorilla glue in between the tape but it takes forever to dry so I bought the suggested Starbond CA glue and bought the accelerator spray, now it’s almost instantly stuck.

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@JaneShepard I use the glue and tape method for almost all of my projects. You can look at many of my videos to see how I do it. In the description their is a code for a 15% discount code for the starbond glue. Why pay full price? Yes I am an affiliate. Maybe this will help get you started in the right direction Here is one video.

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I got this same tape i use for routering templates. how well does it work with the x-carve? And have you tried it with aluminum?

Carpet Tape all daaaaaay long

I wouldn’t use double sided tape, like that, with aluminum. As the aluminum warms, the tape softens and the stick can move.
Use CA glue and blue tape.

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Also a painter’s tape and Starbond glue guy…

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