Dovetail Joints

Has anyone developed an SVG file to create Dovetail (Pins & Tails) cuts for eighteen inch wide boards?

If you have a vertical table on your CNC, joint cam makes simple work of it.
When I was assembling my machine I installed a vertical table, don’t use it very often, but would not be without it.
Makes box joints, dovetails, mortises and tenons and bridle joints a piece of cake. Tho I do cut my mortises on the flat bed spoilboard.

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Thank you!

Would you please post a picture of your vertical table?

Just put a new spoilboard on, & havent recut the opening because I did not need it.
Am currently in Europe but when I get home plan on cutting the opening & will try to get pics that I can send. One of the things I like is that I can use all kinds of clamps without risk of hitting them with the router bit. So it is lightening fast to set up the individual pieces of a run. I get the first piece against the fence, and clamp it where it needs to be, then put stops in place so that all I need to do is put in the piece and close one or two lever type clamps, and start the machine, no need to reset any of the axis, takes less than a minute to remove the cut pc and put in the new one.

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