Downgrade firmware

Is it possible to downgrade the GRBL firmware on the Xcontroller back to the 1.0c version? I upgraded to the 1.1 and am having way too many quirky issues.

Yes. You can use Xloader to load in any version you want.

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This page of Inventables instructions for reflashing the firmware mentions both the Arduino and Xcontroller, but only gives actual instructions for reflashing the Arduino.

What about those of us with the Xcontroller? How do you reflash that?

It’s the same. The X-controller is an Arduino look-alike.

Yep, I flashed it this morning. However, those instructions should clarify that users can, in fact, flash their Xcontroller. I used Xloader and there were 4 different Arduino boards to choose from. Perhaps the instructions should say just to flash it by selecting the Arduino Uno as their board.

Flashed(downgraded) the firmware back to 1.0c and ALL my problems went away. Some projects wouldn’t simulate(calculate paths), some just wouldn’t begin after clicking the ‘Carve!’ button after probing, set X/Y zero, turn on spindle, etc.

Glad to have a working machine back.

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