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Download GRBL 1.1f

The user interface to grbl (that all G-code senders use - Chillipepper, Easel, PicSender, UGCS, etc.) changed significantly with grbl version 1.1f. You need to make sure that you have upgraded your G-code sender to a version that supports the new 1.1f interface.

That could be true. However it will not fix my problem at the moment. I can’t change the interface. Thus the only option/solution is to downgrade to the version that worked correctly for me. But that is still not working.

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I’ve thought about this over the past few months and did some preliminary work to investigate a possible new version of the spindle/laser code that I produced for 1.0c using the grbl 1.1f release.

I’ve decided not to pursue this project.

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Hi, I just tried to upgrade to the newest version of GRBL 1.1f from my current version 1.0c through Easel machine setup and I keep getting “Update failed” after several attempts… (my current Easel driver version is 0.3.10). Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks

Hi Blake,

I have fwd. your request into support. You should get a response later today.



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