Downloading G Code troubleshoot

Could someone take a look at this link and tell me what is wrong with the tool paths that will not let me download the G Code.

Do you have a pro account?
If not, don’t use pro features.

i do have a pro account

Are you getting a message when you try to download the gcode?
Can you get a screenshot of that?

No message it just times out in the browser.

If I had to guess, I think your file has way too many nodes. How’d you make the project?

My version:

Not sure what you’re going for exactly, but my version looks better and will cut better.

Obviously adjust the feedrates and DOC for your machine, but I think any machine can cut poplar faster and deeper than 0.8mm per pass.

I drew it on procreate and then put it into inkscape and then converted the SVG to a DFX.

Is there a better way to do that? I’m still learning the best ways to set up carves.

But thanks for the help. That looks really good.

Which program did you use to do that? The cuts came out better than anything I have done yet. How do you minimize your nodes? I think that might be a recurring problem.

Sorry, I went to bed after my post and missed your question.
I just used Inkscape. I found a decent version of the logo, traced it (Trace Bitmap), cleaned up a node or two, broke it apart to separate the part of the logo as you had it. Save. Import as an SVG to Inkscape and scale to size there.

Ok i probably need to start with a better image. play with inkscape a little more.

Thanks for the tips.

I do almost everything in Inkscape and Fusion. Inkscape is pretty powerful, even when you’re drawing from scratch.

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