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Downsizing xcarve

I have a 1000x1000 and want to downsize it to 500 x 500 or 750x750. What all do I need to do?

Basicly all you need are the rails and waste board for the smaller unit. Everything else you have should swap right over.


Sell it and get a 500x500 or 750x750 instead?

But as Wayne suggest the main difference in length of profiles really.

I know someone with a 500mm that would be glad to trade for the 1000mm but i don’t think we are anywhere close together.

They don’t sell the 500x 500 anymore. I think I would lose lot more if I were to sale and buy a new machine.

If you have a good miter saw, you can simply cut the rails down with it. Any decent blade will cut through aluminum. You will really want to make sure you get them spot on though, and you will need to re-tap the ends that you cut.


Brandon Parker


I meant sell is and get a 2nd hand 500 or 750mm machine, there must be someone who would consider upgrading in size. Cost 2.hand to 2.hand should be neglible.

But, as Brandon mention - all that need to be done is to cut down the profiles and retap for mounting screws.

Or - get new Makerslides :slight_smile:

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Ah gotcha! Luckily a member here is selling their 500mm rails and I am going to buy them off him. Thanks everyone for their help!