Drag Chain Bracket Screw and Not gantry not square

Hey all. Have been assembling my brand new x-carve 1000mm this week. I’m almost to point of being to wiring bit ran into a few issues. First when putting gantry on the rails today the drag chain rail came loose a bit. I attempted to tighten and the right side screw will tighten to a point but then to snug it up it will pop loose. It appears it is far to short to fully engage threads.

My other issue is that the gantry is not square left side of gantry is off by roughly a inch. What can be done to fix this?

I’m not a native speaker, so I’m not completely sure I understand correctly. Regarding your first problem my first guess would be a broken screw thread.
Regarding your second problem, have a look here
Thanks to @PJTX for this one, helped me a lot.

Which direction is it off an inch? More pics would help.

My guess is that the X-gantry isnt square to the Y-rails at all.

Yes the left side is the side that is farther away from square. Going to double check and attempt to adjust tomorrow when I have the free time to work on finishing the build process.