Drag chain mounting?

In the instruction on the site it doesn’t mention which screws to use to attach the drag chain to the mounting bracket. I have it mounted to the extrusion already. Any help would be great thanks

I’ve don’t that step. What screws do you use for the other end on the bracket?

The bracket side is not threaded so I would assume the other two screws are for the other drag chain. And I would need to use another screw type with the nylon insert locking nuts. Does this sound correct?

The bracket utilizes 2 screws that are used on the X rail and 1 that threads into the 2020 drag chain rail. The side drag chain mount has 2 small screws with lock nuts. I dont remember the sizes(the ones in this pic are different as well) but so you have a visual.

You can see all 5 screws here.

And the 2 lock nuts for the Y bracket here.