Drag Knife code?

Do any of the Easel products have a Drag Knife plugin? I’m using the SST drag knife. It’s the style tool that has an offset between the tool shaft center line and the blade.

Also, if anyone knows the radius corner offset calculation process those plugins use I’ll write the code myself? Or even pay someone with Vcarve to run the code files?

When that type of drag tool gets to corners, square or radius, the blade tip is behind the path of the tool shaft center line and the plugin adjusts the X/Y path with an offset to put the blade on the line and not oriented to the tool shaft. Otherwise the trailing blade cuts the corners short. The tool shaft is ahead of the blade.

Been searching for a solution without having to buy a $700 copy of Vcarve for my boat EVA foam carpet project. I’ve considered using a 15 degree v cut tool but I would assume the adhesive backing on the bottom of the foam will gum up the tool and tear the foam?

A drag knife is pretty much the only option for cutting adhesive backed foam products.

Thanks for any help.