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Drag Knife

Summer is fast approaching and I wanted to jump on the cornhole bandwagon this year. So I know I needed a drag knife to cut masking in order to paint instead of engraving the boards. After a few iterations, I finished my design and it works!

The body is made from the leftover parts when I replaced the z axis. The plates are made out of Corian which is nice and solid but super easy to mill. It attached directly to the spindle mounts m4 holes. I added a rubber band mounts so it has some spring in case the surface is not flat.

It takes standard silhouette cameo blades that are available at art supply stores.

Here is a board I just finished.

I have enough corian to make bunch of plates and enough makerslide and vwheels to make about 4 more complete packages, if anyone is interested.


Wow!! I like it!

How does it handle the sharp turns when cutting. Are you using a Drag knife software?

Very well, the blade from a Silhouette Cameo that I picked up at Michaels. I just did a .005 depth of cut on the line, no special software. Here is a closeup of some early tests

Yes sir, I’d like a set. I have a drag knife I bought from China over a year ago with 5 little blades, but I never got around to making a mount.

I am interested in one as well. Steve

Very nice Joe. How much you asking for one?

Yes, how much?

I would be interested in one too…

Group pricing? :grin:

I think he ghosted us. :frowning:

Yes! I am interested! How much?

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I would like one as well. I might have some left over maker slide if you only have the knife holder.

Sorry guys! I thought I included the etsy link.

I am also working on just the cut files too, expecting that up in the next week or two.

$25 for just the plates, if you replaced your z-axis you should only need a few screws and the cutter to get going. I am offering the complete kit for $60.

Thanks Joe. Ordered mine last night!

Just added the digital files!

New Version! made is smaller and more versatile.

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Do you material a drag knife. If so how much? My email