Drawer Construction

The joinery in the drawer is a nice thought, but the dados on the side actually complicated things when edge banding; beneficial to have it turns off and use butt joints (industry standard) for the front and back


I agree. Having butt joints and a dado on the front/back and two sides would be a good choice.

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Hi Bloch,

Thanks for the feedback. We made the drawer boxes with what are essentially locking rabbits, thinking they would make for more durable boxes. Simple but joints would be fairly easy. Would you be able to send a quick sketch of the arrangement you are referring to?

Yes, below, so you can edgeband then assemble.


Something like this.



I am pretty that is what he means - then if there was a check box to have the “back” just cut short above where the DADO is so when can use underdrawer slides and not have to notch the back and just nail the bottom of the drawer to the bottom of the back.
You can also build all your drawers and slide in the bottoms later at anytime with that method.

Yes, and the way it is now the front and back butt into the bottom; if there is any discrepancy it will show, whereas if the top and bottom are cut short or dado’d, its forgiving.

I’ve mentioned a similar issue to them. I proposed an alternate design here, which uses simple rabbets on the sides but adds in the bottom dados.

The benefit of the butt joints is easier edge banding, as mentioned above. I liked the strength I got from the rabbets, since I was gluing up my drawers (rather than using pocket hole screws), but I think either is an improvement over the current design.