Drawer heights limited?

I am trying to make a bank of cabinets with 3 drawers each and have them all equal in height, but it seems it is limited by the top drawer height maxing out at 8" – do I have this correctly or am I missing a setting somewhere? Seems odd!

Also: Drawers are limited to 3 per cabinet?

Def not limited to 3

The software isn’t smart enough to swap all drawer sizes - so if you have something XX height with 3 drawers and 8" is the top, move the top drawer to 2", then add in more drawers and look at those sizes. As you change the top drawer height the bottom ones will move in relation to each other and the top.

Thank you! That trick worked for adding more than 3 drawers, however, I am still stuck at the first drawer being a maximum of 8" – any work around for this that you know of?

Yes, you have to be in the “All cabinets view” and then you will have an option called “Front” in there you can select the top drawer height


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Yes, thats where I cant get larger than 8" for a front…

maybe 8" is as big as it goes it it may be tied to box size - try to increase the height of your box and see if it lets you go bigger.

No, seems to be a limitation in the software, as far as I can tell.

yeah, I made a 72" tall base cabinet with 3 drawers and was limited to 8"

Have you found a work around for this? I am running into the same issue.

It is now in the list of stuff that is coming, but it just got put in last week, so probably not “Soon”

Hello all,
Changes allowing for far greater customization of top drawer heights has been deployed and is available to everyone.

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this is an issue for me as well… except I need to go the other direction. I want the top two tiers of drawers to be about 2" high (these drawers will only be holding flat items, so wish to have the option of adding additional shallower drawers.

I got stuck here when making my first cabinet, which was to be a cabinet on wheeled legs to roll under my drill press. I wanted a set of drawers using the ‘golden ratio’ starting with a 2.5" drawer at the top, and the drawers following the ration all the way down.
couldn’t do it in here, and due to time constraints, I just made the cabinet the ol’ fashioned way with power and hand tools. At the end of the weekend, I had my cabinet, and that shallow top drawer holds, individual bits and measuring tools.

I’ve asked Inventables to please add these two features ( #1 ability to customize the drawer sizes to meet our individual needs (aka, override those limitations), and ad a "use the ‘golden ratio’ " button which would then lay out a bank of drawers using the ratio so that users do not need to go to an external ‘golden ratio’ calculator to figure out the individual drawer heights to have the bank of drawers using this more aesthetically pleasing (and useful) layout.

My next project is a bank of cabinets to fit under my X-Carve Pro, (another feature request that I’ve submitted is to have an ‘island’ layout, which is essentially the space under my CNC), and I’m pondering a workaround of that I can get those shallow (height) drawers as the top drawer on each cabinet (I don’t want a 6" drawer to hold calipers, straight edge, bits, wrenches, etc…). I’ll likely manually calculate out the drawers, come up which drawers I can have Easel make, and then manually produce the remaining drawers.

Thanks for that, I believe that wasn’t there when I first tried to do a cabinet (early Jan)… any way you could make the same accommodation in the other direction (meaning allow me to make a drawer approx. 2" high)?