Drawer width issues

I think I know the answer as i looked at the CNC generated cuts…

For me it is telling me to cut a drawer width of 14.284"
1/2" wood used for drawers - so add an add’l inch
15.284" total drawer width
cabinet is 17" wide - so 15.5" inside space
That leaves less than 1/4" for the slides - but it should have double that

The CNC seems to put Dados in for the drawers, but I use a table saw and won’t use dados, I’ll either use pocket holes or domino’s
I can’t see many table saw peeps using the extra dado’s as it is a pain - I do the 1/4" for the drawer bottom on the router table

So, am I right that the drawers are expected to have dados on the L and R sides to accept the front and back and making the drawer essentially 1/2" more narrow and then that makes it almost perfect for the Blum slides…

If this is the case, can we get a dropbox for butt joints vs dado for the drawer boxes?

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