Drilled Holes Time

I am planning a project and the carve time seems a little excessive. I added a screenshot of the project and it’s settings. if there’s something I can change besides basic cutting settings, can someone let me know. I tried to use the app in Easel for turning circles to drill holes and it more than doubled the carve time. i just need 1/8" holes in the pattern I drew up.

@NicShimala Switch the tool to an 1/8" endmill and try the app below.

I tried that, like I mentioned, for some reason it doubled the carve time to over 20 hours.

Increase your depth of cut.

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@NicShimala I should have figured, the drilling operation uses a pecking action because end mills aren’t really for drilling. Could you use a v-bit to mark each hole location then manually drill them?

I guess, secondary to this what is the purpose of the hole pattern? Are you recreating something like peg board?

Pen blank. drilling out some nice hardwoods, then filling with colored resin to make into writing pens. wanted to use the x-carve to make a nice uniform pattern.

Twist drills work fine on an X-Carve. You will likely need to reduce your router speed as low as it can go. Peck drilling also works with drills, just make the pecks bigger.

@IvanVuletich It is recommended that the Dewalt 611 be set at 1 and never be turned higher than that.

This user is using the easel and I am unaware of a setting to make the pecs larger and easel. Is this something that maybe I’ve missed?

Also considering twist drills change shank diameter based on the bit diameter The only drill that can be used is the 1/8", however standard twist drills are very long and can have some vibration and run out.

The estimated time shown in Easle doesn’t have anything to do eith the router speed setting.

I thought about using a drill bit, but wasn’t sure how high I could increase the cut speeds.

Change your depth per pass so it will drill the holes in 2 or 3 passes. So if a half inch deep hole, experiment with a .25 or .17 inch depth per pass.

You can draw a rectangle or 2 over all but a few holes and set it to 0 depth to experiment on a handful of holes at a time. Then move the 0 depth block over what’s already drilled once you are dialed in and ready to do them all.

I have similar drilling Job on a 1 inch día PVC pipe with 1/8" wall round pipe.

How can I speed up the drilling in just one pass?

What is the best feed and plunge rate to finish this mass production job ?

rate at 10,000 rpm speed?