Drilling. and how to do it

so I have the November 2021 x-carve. I want to build a second set of the boards that came with it. im just going to copy them and then screw them down to the original boards. this will allow for me to use the t track and all the clamps. has anyone done this yet? is there a file available for this? when using the drill function in easel, how do you set the width of the hole? thanks a ton everyone. have a kick ■■■ weekend!

I have not seen a file, but that does not mean that it does not exist. I am sure it would be trivial to design one in Easel as well. With respect the the drilling operation, the width is set by the physical size of the bit. The toolpath for drilling operations does not result in any X or Y movements, only Z movements for a single hole.


Brandon Parker

Maybe this would help:

Link to the project file in the video description :+1:

hey Seth. I went out on a limb and im giving my own method a go. I figure its the best way to figure out what all the little quirks with my machine and the software are. check it out.

the drill holes in the version I came up with totally line up. so bitchin’. my problem is the size of the board lengthwise “x axis” on this version I made. the x-carve made some ridiculous moves and seems to have grown confused in the middle of the carve. check out these photos. its almost like it was perfect and then decided to do something totally different in the middle of the carve. ghosts in the machine! you can see the upper one has the hole in the carved out recessed area and the lower board totally missed it. these are aligned the same in the code for the carve. super strange.

It looks like (because the first depth of the rectangle right side looks good) the left side impacted a hard stop (the end)…because it’s set to outside the shape, if your 0,0 was at the far left and wasn’t moved in (x to the right) the diameter of the bit, then it would start fine, then as it came to that upper left corner it would hit the side and loose a few steps, resulting in the rest of the depth being offset to the right…

Make sense? If its still a bit unclear I can draw it up and make a short video :grin::+1:

Oh I totally get it. I know that I’m pushing the limits of the carve space in order to make these boards. Once I get it these boards down and surfaced I’ll set up a grid so I know where I am in space. I’m really stoked on the holes though. That saved so much time as opposed to a traditional pencil line grid and then drilling. So cool to see it in action.

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Also. The side that has the two cuts. The machine cut the shallower of the two first and then came back around and did the deeper one. If that means anything

I jogged in about half an inch from the left to establish a new zero in the physical world. That way it will be able to go outside of my shape as it’s inside of the stops. Hopefully this works. I really dig figuring this thing out. Pretty cool. Thanks for all the help

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and were good to go. so these fit over the new x-carve waste board with the t-track in it. holes are all correct and all works great.

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