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I wanted to create a bit holder for all my different bits and only want to drill holes with the size of the 1/8" bits into a MDF plate. Each hole is 3.2mm in Easel, but the machine cuts holes with 5 - 5.5 mm in my MDF plate. Any idea why this happens? I thought with 3.2mm the bit only drills down and that’s it.
I use a 1/8" single flute upcut bit to clear the cutting area.


There is a drill function right below that circle shape and the line shape , which would do the plunge only.

Since you’ve already done the layout instead of redoing it all using the drill function you can go into the apps and use the convert circle to drill app to change all of your circles into straight plunges. Aka drill

Ahhhh. That was helpful!
Thanks very much.


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Works perfectly! Thanks again!

But that doesn’t actually resolve why your 3.2mm holes were coming out as 5mm
I have my own theory on that part…
Was the overall design coming out the right size?

If not then I have some more questions:
By chance is this the xcarve with the 6mm wide belts?

If so can you go into machine inspector and record the value for $100 and $101?
There’s a photo here showing where to find them along with the defaults that it should read for your reference.

There are also some links to the correct values for the 9mm belts as well if those are what yours has…
Because I think you have the 9mm but it has the settings for the 6mm which would turn 3.2mm into 4.9mm


It’s a ProverXL4030 from Genmitsu.


I checked the machine settings and it’s the default for ProVerXL4030:

Only $10 was different (status report).


But I haven’t used Easel to cut or carve. Usually I download the gcode and import it into Candle GRBL. Can this be an issue?


No, that wouldn’t cause an issue.

Yes your right the grbl settings look right. Interesting that is making the circles larger than, as that could be an issue further on as you carve other projects

Yeah, strange… All other things had the exact size until now… I’ll see.

Thanks for your hints.
All the best

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