Drillman1 vs Roguesystemsinc BIts

I am currently looking for someone who has bought bits from both Drillman1 and Roguesystemsinc on eBay.

They are similarly priced and both have great customer satisfaction. Almost no negative reviews at all on their eBay pages.

I have bought from Drillman1 before and thought his bits definitely held up nicely and have also ordered bits from Inflatables and a few different brands on Amazon. I have not ordered yet from Roguesystemsinc but I am curious if I should give them a shot.

I’m looking for reasons why people like one over the other.

Thank you

Drillman is my hero. You can shop with confidance. Many people on this forum thinking the same way.


Roguestytems made me custom bits for cutting guitar fret slots, exactly to my specifications, and they were still cheaper then what the luthier supply places charged. No complaints.

So it really sounds like I can’t go wrong with either. Thanks guys