Driver settings for Nema 23

Upgrading my old X-carve and just picked up new Nema23 rated at 1.26nm. They are rated at 2.8a and are 2 phase. The step angle is 1.8 deg. The Drivers are DM556. If anyone has this same configuration can you please advise me of the dip switch settings.I think I need to set the current for 5.6a for the two phases? the 1.8deg angle has me stumped though as the DM556’s lowest pulse per revolution is 400 but 300 / 1.8 is 200. Any help would be much appreciated.

At full steps, you have 200 steps/rev. You won’t run full steps. The 400 setting is half steps. You probably want to run yours at eighth steps (1600 steps/rev).
You’ll still need to set your steps/mm setting in the Grbl firmware.

Thanks for the information Neil. With those details I can begin to setup the new gear.

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