Driver update

I am trying to use Easel after the driver update, the carve button has remained blue, and every time I try clicking it, I get a message to upgrade my drive. The laptop I use to run my X-Carve is up to date and I have checked COM port settings in the device manager (also downloaded and ran the recommended file for COP port settings). I check to see if the X-Carve would run with another computer, it does , but I preferer not to use that Laptop in my shop.
Does anyone have any ideas one could try.

you could use a different (better) sender like OpenBuilds Control. save the Easel generated gcode file and then use that other program as the sender only. But also What version Windows is the laptop that isn’t working running?

Thanks for the reply, I am running Windows 10. But I just went out and picked up a low end laptop with Windows 11 for my X-Carve. Now I just have to figure out how to get Windows 11 to communicate with the Easel Driver, can’t seem to find any COM Ports.

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