Drop In Z-Axis Mod Available

Hey everyone - making room for a commercial machine. I am selling this COMPLETE Z-Axis Carriage - steppers, axle mods, Makita, and ALL for only $300. It is easily $500 worth of stuff AND you don’t have to drill, tap, mill, fiddle… just slide this on and hook up your wires to the convenient bus in the rear.

I will also list my solid Open Rail X-Axis and Y-Rail Supports. Anyone need anything else - like extra rail?


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Also COMPLETE X-Axis with higher, stronger wider plates that have RECESSED pockets to receive the solid x-axis extrusion. This is the x-axis upgrade on steriods. For more information see: Open Rail system. I made these plates and they work flawlessly. Here is the listing:


Is it one solid piece of extrusion? Im very interested.