Dust boot compatible with TBD Supergrade z

What are you all using for dust collection? I had Suckit dust boot before I upgraded but now I need something new. I know TBD sells the yellowbox shed but I’m wondering what else is out there, or if there’s adapters for other systems that work well

I am using the dust boot from http://pwncnc.com/. They make one specifically for the TBD Supergrade Z axis and it works great.

I have the yellow box shed but unless you are using a 4" hose to your CNC it wont work the opening in the back is to big and it doesn’t draft well with a shop vac set up I have a Fein. So I have one not being used from yellow box. I hacked up my inventables one and added it to the CNC4newbies upgrade and it works like a champ.

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Thanks, @IraGold that one looks pretty simple, I like it.

Yeah @SteveMoloney I think the yellowbox is a bit overkill

I’m still using the original dust boot. It fits well. At some point I need to upgrade to a larger diameter because I added a dust collector setup and it is limited by the size Inventables supplied.

I have the ability as well with my Lagunna system for the shop but the Fein is so much quieter to run someday I may use teh yellow box so for now it is shelved.