Dust Boot issues and questions

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So, I have this Magnaboot from yellowboxshed that I ordered when I got all my TBDCNC upgrades. There a few reasons I am not a fan but the biggest is the “suck” ability. doing small carves and words and stuff I never really noticed it much but the last few days I made some mistakes and had to surface my project piece. When the machine was going backwards and to the left everything seemed fine but the min the machine went forward I could see dust and chips shooting out the back and when it went to the right the dust would ball up in the bristles and end up coming out from under the bristles. (Using a 1in surfacing bit, is this something I am going to have to live with?) I am using a Rockler 650 dust collector and it seems to provide plenty of “suck” without being on the boot.

What are y’all using? I saw several post where people made there own and most of those seem real short, kinda like the one that came with the x-carve. Is my boot just too tall and far away from the bit to make a difference? Several people recommended the “suck-it” but unfortunately there are none on there website to look at.

What advice do you guys have?


I like the bristles on my dust boot to be short. I have a “Suck-It” dust boot, but the model produced for the X-Carve is no longer available for sale. The company is one in the same as Oncefinity CNC, so producing products for the X-Carve might not be in their business strategy after the Onefinity CNC was developed.

If you look at both the “Suck-It” and Inventables dust boots for the regular X-Carve, you will see that there is a clear plat that forms a top to the dust boot. I can’t tell if the Magnaboot has this, but this is pretty crucial.

What you want in a dust boot is for the bristles to just ride on or just above the surface of the material that way there is no air gap there. Then, the majority of the air will be pulled in through a small opening in that top piece where the bit & collet (and/or face of the router…worst case) go through to do the milling. The creates high-velocity airstreams where the milling is occurring and helps to entrain more chips/dust. Not all of the chips/dust will be extracted even under ideal conditions, but you should be able to do better than what you are describing.

I would probably just go with the Inventables dust boot if I had to purchase another for my X-Carve at this time…


Brandon Parker


Oddly enough the magnaboot came up in a FB thread earlier too, that guy was missing the mounts and i grabbed this photo to show him what the mounts look like… But as you (@BrandonR_Parker) can see that instead of the top acrylic cover, they just designed it to wrap in pretty snug to the router mount. There are some little triangle shape open areas at the back corners of the router mount though so filling those in somehow would probably help with carve area suction…

Anyway just wanted to show from a different angle so you could see how it fits on there…:slight_smile:

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