Dust Collection 30740-04 Shutting Down Carve

Sorry to bother if this has been asked and answererd. I just connected my new 1000MM Inventables dust collection adapter kit to my awesome system. It interupts my carves. Notable, I have my controller installed on the port side of my system with my computer on the starboard side. Wth this configuration, I was compelled to install the mount for the hose upright to the opposite side of the computer stage. This puts me at the preferreed collection location. It seems there is no drag, but my carves are interupted. I have configured Easle to understand I have a system attached. It failed two carves, then told Easle to ‘SKIP’ the collection system, no change. What’s up, Dust Creators?

Is your collector hose grounded?

And, to add to what @HaldorLonningdal said, some have experienced trouble when plugged into the same electrical circuit. I might suggest searching “stop mid carve” and you will find a lot of different possibilities.

Have you ran a project without the dust collection system running? And, did it have the same results?

I had issues with this in dry conditions and no connected hose, just using the shop vac to remove the chips and dust manually. All static discharge issues. So I have grounded everything, including the machine, the controller, the table, the vac hose, all to a good ground. That solved the static problem and stopped the interruptions.