Dust collection adapters

Ok, so for some reason whatever hoses I got for dust collection (using a variant of the “New Brit Workshop” design which originally was 3D printed but now in clear acrylic off my glowforge) I can’t get it to properly fit other hoses/nozzles and the dust deputy. Not sure why this stuff seems totally non-standardized. Anyway a quick trip through CAD and printed on my Prusa (figured orange PLA would help find them in that snarl. I addition I wanted to hang my mini-pc on the post of the monitor/keyboard arm that is where easel runs to do the carves (I don’t sit down there designing, but for a quick tuneup or running the job it’s awesome) in addition I hung a webcam (1/4-20 mount) underneath it with a another mount. Yeah that Y-Y connector looks sketchy but works really well, as I wanted dust collection to my table saw (Grey hose) and a general cleanup vacuum, the adapter into the dust shoe has barbs that hold it in place really well - that took some experimenting to get exactly right… the vacuum is controlled by the M7/M9 Gcode combo Via a relay.


This my dush collection?

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I went all acrylic as I wanted more visibility. I’m thinking of some led strip in there. The 2 little lights on the 611 really don’t give a lot of light.

Greetings this was my first dust shoe that I see the problems with this type of shoe fixed to the router are several 1 it is difficult to change the bit 2 when you are going to cut the hairs they get pressure on occasions until separation I do not want to feel bad but those factors are

I mean sure it is certainly more awkward to change bits, but I use the precision collet and adapter which has a easier wrench, and also my shoe is much thinner than yours. As long as you raise the z-height high enough I haven’t found it to be a problem. And being made of acrylic I can see through it to align x-y. Not sure what you mean by cut the hairs. I never cut these at all (I cut the steel backing strip of course as it came 1m long) I have not had any hairs fall out. This stuff is extremely tough (I got this brush border from McMaster Carr). If it’s not fixed height then it grinds into the clamps, etc. I find it quite reliable. I do want to change to the CNC4NEWBIE z-axis so that will require a rethinking of the mounting, but I’m sure with calipers, CAD and some trial and error, I can solve that.

Okay, no problem and sorry, I was just explaining a little about my experience with cnc, I have 2 cnc machines for 8 years and they work almost 7 days a week, that’s why I make my own parts and my own machines.

Oh me too. I made that dust shoe on my laser cutter. I made my own custom high-volume flood coolant system on my Tormach (drives 3 high-throughput nozzles unlike the factory 2 with low pressure) with a 12gal reservoir. Also has double filtration to remove the smalls. That was a big project.

BTW: for doing the z-probe with the dust shoe (which does really suck) I no longer use the motorcycle battery clamp that comes with the x-carve’s z-probe. I use a alligator clip-lead and clip from the bit to the battery-clamp. this allows the clip-lead to sneak down with the dust shoe in place without interfering. What I really need now is lighting in there (the light only turns on with the spindle so that’s obviously not safe when probing)

I understand because I send you some photos of my zonda, see if you help a blue cable from the x controller to the bearing of the router for the negative and the plate is set to the pisitive remember I only help

OK, That is cool. I hadn’t thought to do that. Man that would make my life easier. I am so used to 4-axis electronic probing on my tormach that this sort of weird half electronic/half visual origin setting is painful (well once I learned the mental checklist to not plow the probed tips through the stock! luckily when I took my course at Tormach they had a big box of Hammer tips and are just used to students crashing the probes - always remember right is up on the jog controller on a tormach!). Not that I enjoy doing surgery on my dewalt (back when I get the x-carve in 2015 I converted the dewalt to use the SuperPID, and that was major surgery (had to modify the electronics and paint a stripe on to the shaft for the tachometer to read for the feedback loop), but I think you just inspired me. Because then the 3-axis probe plate becomes super easy to just throw in. I do note that cncjs has support for 3-axis probing.