Dust collection ground and a power strip

New x-carve owner, and I’m finally up and running. I’m trying to decide where to ground the dust collector hose to. My current setup is X-Controller → relay always on port → heavy duty metal power strip. Am I safe to ground it to a screw on the power strip?

you could probably do that, I’d check it with a meter first to ensure the strip is actually grounded. grounding to the outlet itself would be a better solution. The Screw on the faceplate of the outlet should be a perfect grounding location, securing the wire well and being a solid connection to the AC grounding wire.

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It is absolutely critical that the ground be the SAME ground that the x-controller is plugged into or you can get a ground loop that causes things to go wonky (ask me how I know? :slightly_frowning_face:

I also used multiple points of attaching into the steel spring in the hose to make sure to really get the static as the conductive plastic wasn’t as good a conductor as I thought. I actually ran copper tape all the way through to the shop vac across joints etc, and my controller became way more reliable.

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