Dust collection ideas II

Can Anyone share their dust collection set up including vac using inventables system please. I’m getting ready to set mine up and their are some smart people on this forum Thanks

Go to Harbor freight or similar store that has them.
They are a large blower fan with a bag.
Use 4" tube all the way to the mill end dust shoe.
This is what I did and it works great.

If that is too expensive then you can use the shop vac dust deputy.

Goes without saying…awesome!

Go with a dust collector and a suckit dust boot set up.
You won’t be disappointed.
This is my set up.

Today I’m cutting MDF which is notorious for dust.
You can see how clean my work area is.


Could you share the link to your Grizzly system as well as a link to where you got your hose?

Its the Grizzly 1 hp dust collector. ~$200.00
The hose is for a Ridgid vacuum from Home Depot.

This dust shoe in the projects area has worked extremely well for me and connecting to my shop’s existing dust system with a basic hose. Agree on getting a good vacuum and there are some good threads just a little ways down on noise abatement for the vacuums.

I use the dust deputy - would like to find a quiet shop vac though!!

Go with a dust collection system. Very quiet

use the fan from harbor freight its quiet and works really well. I use it and it creates a really good vacuum.
Like the one here

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A Festool CT Midi and an Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy makes for a very convenient little unit which is quite quiet.