Dust collection issue

I use the dust deputy for dust collection. In the last 2 days I have managed to ruin 3, 5 gal buckets. I originally thought it was because the hose clogged, which it did. However, today there is no clogging and you can see what happened.
Any ideas on why?
Is my vacuum to strong?

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Those cheap Home Depot and Lowe’s buckets are really thin plastic.

I use the pickle buckets from firehouse subs and they hold up just fine.

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Firehouse sub buckets are the bomb. Been using same one with my dust deputy for over a year with no issues

Thank you all. I will have to find a Firehouse Sub. And I also ordered a steel one. I have 2 vacuums and 2 dust collection systems.

You can also put a ring inside the bucket to reinforce it

Dust Deputy didn’t work for me as well. Maybe good for slow suction. I made similar box to this;

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One side keeping bigger pieces, other section holding fine dust. Of course some dust still sucking by dust collector, but no complaints.

@RaulFuster I bought this after I collapsed my first bucket and it has been amazing. It’s large enough I have the Dust Deputy mounted on top as well as my vacuum and then built a cart that the bucket sits in so the whole system is mobile. It takes much longer to fill up and is very compact. A very reasonable price and worth the small investment, for me at least.

I have the same yellow bucket with a super dust deputy and my jet dust collector, it does not give at all, def strong enough…

Make a reinforced ring that will go about 1/2 way down the bucket. I’ve been using a Home Depot bucket for about 2 years now with no problems

I put a Dust Right in between my vac and CNC. I still plug the filters just as fast, not to excited about.

I am thinking about a filter spinner for cleaning my shop vac filter. Has anyone seen something like this? Could be built real simple in a 5 gallon bucket and use your drill to spin the filter.

Something like this: https://youtu.be/9x_xKImt2Xw