Dust Collection No Longer Offered

Hello Everyone - I was poking around the inventables website today and notice the dust collection system is no longer offered as an option for the X-Carve. Since I literally just received mine yesterday from my Thanksgiving order, I’m curious what’s going on? Any insights? @Zach_Kaplan?

Anyway, can’t seem to find the instructions on how to put it together either, but I’ll continue to look…

I received an email when mine was on back order that they were having issues with customs from their supplier over seas or something like that. I think until they figure that out they maybe are holding off taking any more orders.


still waiting on mine from 12/8

My quick reading at first, thought you said design turkey!

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I’m not for sale. Sorry.

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We’re makers…just make your own dust control system. Most of us have already done that and far cheaper than the options from Inventables.

I made a housing around my CNC and cut a square hole in top and used a $3 filter from Home Depot with a box fan and it works great to suck up all the dust up I don’t notice any in my shop any more, none on my computer nothing.