Dust collector options

I’m setting up my dust collector and I am wondering about my setup. I’m including some pics to better understand what I’m thinking. 1 shouldn’t the support arm be centered on the center of the waste board? 2 how high should the support be above the waste board? How much slack should their be in the hose?
Any comments suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Greg

Mine is mounted off to one side but the arm like yours extends over to the far side. I don’t have much slack when it is attached but mine was made to swivel so it can go from the front to the back. Then when i am setting something up i can just swing it around out of my way. Works great and have never had any problems with it.

Yeah mine will swivel as well I’m going to shorten the support to be centered on the middle of the waste board. I may lower it as well I have 40" from the support to the surface of the waste board! Thanks for your input!

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Looks like you have a nice set up going there.
I don’t have a swivel arm, but the hose is centered on the machine bed.
Works great.

Thank you! I’m going to center mine as well!

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