Dust collector


I just finished building my X-Carve a couple weeks ago and quickly realized that I needed to design a dust collection system so this is what I came up with.

It screws on to the bottom of the motor with 2 short screws and 1 screw on the spindle mount.

The hose has a 1 & 7/8" diameter.
If anyone is interested the file is available at thingerverse.

Any feedback will be nice since this is still a work in progress.

How you can run Homing sequence. ?

Hi Alan Im not sure if I understand your question. The homing sequence runs the same way as it did without the dust collector. Are you asking if the hose hits the rail on the left side of the cnc? if so it has about a 3/8" clearance from the dust collector to the rail after it homes, but you can always move the homing screw a bit to the right for more clearance.

Let me know if that answers your question.

When you run Home, your Spindle carriage goes all the way to Front Left of the machine. You have left 1 1/4" space left between Spindle carriage and Y axis motor pulleys on the side. If your Dust collector on that side of the Spindle, there is no way you can do Home 0. If you’re saying you can move homing switch screw on X axis, you will loose that much work space on left side of the machine.

This is the picture showing the space as you know. I wish you did that looking to front, instead of side. Very good idea, wrong place. I say just wait a little longer, don’t change anything. You will change your 24V Stock Spindle anyway.


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Oh ok I see what you mean. I can take pictures of the machine at the home position over the weekend to show how it sits.
BTW I like those clamps and yes I have two routers at home to choose from. Im new to cnc so Im still learning the basics :slight_smile:

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X and Y home position

different angle

X axis limit switch

Y axis limit switch

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