Dust Control Kit doesn't fit?

Hi brave fellow carvers,
I finally received the Dust Kit (on back order since november) but after installing it, I can see a problem with having the plate grapping to the four magnets. It slides fine in and graps to the magnets on the left side of the DeWalt, but doesn’t fit good on the right side. You can see the problem on photo 3 & 4. On photo 1 & 2 you can see that it slides better in if I lower the right side, but then the whole “dust shoe” is very angled. What do you guys think is causing this?

Hi Nick,

We had some tolerance issues reported with some of these parts. Please email help@inventables.com and our support staff will get a new part shipped to asap free of charge.

Just to update this. The nice folks at Inventables shipped different parts a couple of times, none of them solving the problem. I just gave up and are using the Dust Kit as it is… not working very well. Maybe it’s best to buy the competitor model instead. Just sayin’…

My dust arms don’t seem to fit well either but they work. The spacing seems wide so that when i slide in the shoe i have to compress the mounts for it to seat completely.

My kit had the same interference issue, but I just filed the gap until it was wide enough to fit properly. My much larger problem now is that the dust shoe crashes with the corner of the machine when the spindle is at zero! The wasteboard pictured in the installation instructions clearly has more space between the corner bracket and the zero point of the wasteboard. My x-carve is a few years old, do I have some legacy model that is not compatible with the dust collection system?

Hi @LukeHedman

Are you able to move the limit switch bumper screws to accommodate the needed space of the dust boot so that it doesn’t crash?

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Yes, it is possible to compensate for the needed space, but it basically means I have lost the front left corner of the cutting area. I’m just bummed that the kit is apparently incompatible with the my version of the x-carve.

Would you mind posting a fe pics so we can see what you are looking at?

I ask, because I have one of the first X-Carves and although I’ve made my own dust boot, it seems that even if I moved the bump a little to accommodate the space I’d need for the one Inventables sells, I don’t feel I’d loose much carving space if at all.

Sorry, I should have thought to include a picture in the original post! This picture shows that the centerline of the dust shoe cannot line up with the waste board zero point without crashing into the left front corner bracket. I would need about 30mm additional clearance. Any idea what might be causing this problem? Is my bed assembled incorrectly, perhaps?

I always remove my shoe and raise the left arm up for clearance during homing. I wind up needing the shoe removed to set the z,x, and y zeros anyway. I don’t think it’s meant to be left on during homing. Not unless you move the homing switch, reducing your cut area.

I have a similar problem on mine. 750 model. It is not as far off as @LukeHedman, but it doesn’t allow me to make full use of my grid. Which yesterday, I just got lined up perfectly.

If the little tab on the shoe, that clips around the metal arm, was not there, I would be fine. Is this little clip portion necessary? If I was to cut the tab off, see attached image, would the magnets be sufficient to hold the shoe in place.

I believe it will be fine, but just wanted to check and see if there might be an issue I’m missing.

I have the same problem. I have one of the original 500mm X-carves, and the clear plastic piece of the dust shoe hits the front left Y riser plate when I try to put the cutter over the zero mark on the wasteboard. I guess you could solve the problem by cutting out a portion of the front LH riser plate, but I don’t want to do that and sacrifice any machine rigidity. I would have thought that Inventables would have tested this on all machine variations…but I guess not. I’m simply not using the dust shoe now because of the interference problem.

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