Dust Control System Mount

Anyone know if there is a PDF or CAD drawing for the new dust collector over arm mount? the one that attaches to the end plate. i searched around a bit and haven’t seen it… i have the Suckit dust boot which i ordered a week before inventables released theirs…GRRR. i called inventables and spoke to Mo and they are not selling it separately yet…

They have it on GrabCAD. I don’t have the link handy but I think the product page has the link.

If you are talking about the mount that secures the overhead arm to the frame:

if not then there are link to all the files here.

We prototyped a lot of the parts with simple consumer 3D printers. They worked great, so that is an option. I think the only parts that were a little weak in 3D printing were the hose clips. They tended to stretch out a but under load.

We prototyped the the arm with standard electrical conduit. It worked great, but honestly one of my favorite parts of the whole system are the “tent poles”. One of our Engineers, Tait, really knocked it out of the park with designing and finding a source for those.

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thanks for all the help…So this happened i sent the pdf/CAD drawing to a friend who’s a machinist at Pratt and Whitney. and hour later he sends me this

Im grateful for the friends i have… now for the pole and clips. are there any files for them around?

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Here are some links and I added a STEP file for the clip if you have access to a 3D printer.

Pole PDF
Pole PDF
Pole PDF
Pole PDF
Clip PDF


thanks Bart

is there an STL for the clip

I don’t have one handy. You should be able to create one from many free CAD programs like FreeCAD or Fusion 360.

I’m interested in mounting the dust arm from the back right corner instead of the front right, which means that the hole pattern needs to be mirrored vertically. Because the holes are not in a line this might mean some new holes could overlap the existing ones. I’ve been lazy with a cold for a few weeks so I haven’t gotten around to playing with it yet.

If your Pratt and Whitney guy would make one of those mounts with the inverted hole pattern for a few bucks I’d be interested.

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Steve I’ll see what he can do. No promises

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And he just made these I’m all set now