Dust Control

Is anyone they’re using “Whole Shop” Dust System as the primary dust control on their X-carve? I am getting ready to purchase a 3hp system, either Powermatic or Laguna. I am trying to decide If I hook it to the x-carve or upgrade my shop vac for the x-carve in conjunction with the whole shop system.

Looking for some guidance on the subject. Thanks Steve

I use a modified Harbor Frieght blower with a cyclone for a whole shop system and have a line off it that goes down to a 2" hose for the cnc. I’m working on a different attachment that i can use vs the dust shroud with skirt, and looking to add a deflector for the downdraft on the DeWalt router to keep it from blowing chips all over the work surface…

Be careful if you decide to buy from Laguna.

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I’m also curious. I was considering buying the HF collector and modifying it to work for my shop. I was curious how the dust collector worked when necked down to 2". I know these units are more about volume than pressure.

I recently changed over from shop vac/ dust deputy to HF 2hp collector. Even with stepdown in size, the collector does a much better job.

that is exactly what I will be going from/going to. Did you add a bigger cyclone for the HF collector, or are you using the standard bag setup it comes with?

I don’t have a cyclone. I did replace the original bag (5 micron) with a 1 micron bag. I’m in the process of plumbing out my whole shop, with pvc and blast gates. For now, just using 4" hose to each machine

yeah I’m not looking forward to plumbing my shop. That is going to be a PITA. Not to mention the cost of all that PVC.

It’s worth it in the end. Change the bag now though. 5 microns is actually pretty big. About $30 on amazon or home depot.

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So my DC is modified with a new impeller, cyclone and piped outside for 0 back pressure. A run of 4" duct around 30’ married to to a 4" flex @10’ and then reduced to a 2" flex at 6’ I do not notice any issue with suction and that is without any deflection for the Dewalt 611.

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If you can use the metal duct. It goes together cleanly and also was a bit cheaper than pvc for me at the big box

@TimothyWood so I am assuming you are just using the normal house duct material?

I used the thin wall four inch pvc for mine

Correct 4" hvac duct. They have it at big box and local wholesalers. The wye and flexible 90/45 joints make it a breeze to put together. Wear good gloves and have ductwork tape on hand and you’re good to go. It’s substantially lighter to work with vs pvc and you can avoid the theoretical spark in the piping from static build up.

Okay, Tim, I am glad you posted this picture. That metal cyclone collector you have, I have been searching for it for months. Where did you get it?

You can buy dust collection systems that have a cyclonic collector built in. I have one from Jet.

I have a motor already, I just need that metal cyclone collector to build one. The Super Dust Deputies are pretty pricey, and I have a feeling the sheet metal ones are going to be more affordable.

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So the price for the one I got was $199 https://ebay.com/usr/eastcaroga but I am running 6" to the blower with the upgraded impeller. If you don’t modify your blower go with the 4" version and the price is cheaper.

ah. Thank you so much for that. I had been looking for a long time. Yes, is that the Rikon impeller? I thought they started required proof of ownership of their units to buy the impellers now. Is that not the case?

I used www.rikonparts.com P60-200-22 $99 + shipping (I found a coupon for free shipping). And they didn’t ask anything but credit card :smirk:.

Because I upgraded the impeller I also enlarged the inlet to 6" and rivited a 6" duct on because the clearance is pretty tight