Dust enclosure

here’s my dust box. I built with plywood 3/4. It is not soundproof, for now. But maybe in the future. I Spend $ 100 for this project include LED


That will certainly keep all the dust inside!

Are you going to add a port for a vacuum to pull the dust out while it is cutting? If not you may have a problem with the belts getting clogged up with the dust which can make you lose steps.

Yes. this is a project that’s not finished . It’s the next step

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Really digging your approach w/ location of the enclosure hinge and viewing panels on the top of the rig. Will be interested to hear your thoughts once you start really using it if you like having your machine at that height. Very clean setup, well done.

yes of course @PhilJohnson . It’s very simple to do and cheap. And i post more picture soon @SamB

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