Dust extraction bracket in way when homing

Hi there,
Just set up my x carve and all working fine (so far) except each time I home the machine the dust extraction bracket on the left gets in the way - hitting the Y rail. Not a huge problem as I can lift it up out of the way each time - it’s just a bit annoying and so wanted to check if I was doing something wrong/if there is a way to avoid having to lift it out of the way each time.

Two options. Spring load he arm to always raise itself. Or two move the trigger screw over to before it hits the rail.
You lose some x but it’s not too bad.

I’ve never heard of that issue before… many of us have the SUCKIT kit and I’m sure it would have come up… would love to see pictures of your setup (to include where your x and y axis stop triggers are).

Thanks for replying. Does this help?

I had the same issue. I ended up shifting my X, about 10mm.

pictures of the stops…the bolts that activate the switches…

I don’t understand how the bracket arms (new from suckit?? are they using new materials for the arms??) could be hitting the rails unless your stops are way too far out…

The Inventables system is different than the SuckIt mounting system. It screws into the Makerslide for the Z axis. The mounting arm location appears to stay the same.

However, given the mechanical constraints of the Xcarriage, you still should be able to have your X home position be on the edge of the grid without interference.

Sorry - not on-site at the moment but will post pic of the stops when I am back there.

It’s the Inventables kit. Mine does the same. I just install the arm after homing then g28

I’ve had the 1000mm kit for a few years and not had this issue. Neither have many many of the current owners. it’s not the kit, it’s the interpretation of the instructions and the placement of the stop that activates the limit switch. Adjust this stop (see Picture) It shouldn’t matter if yo have the suckit system or the X carve dust collection system. the shoe brackets should not be crashing into the rails… if they do you’re stops are not correct.

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So I moved the x stop and that solved the problem. Thanks everyone. However just to note I could definitely have the x stop further over if it wasn’t for the dust extraction - so this does seem to be an issue … you lose some x if you have the dust extraction in place. Or at least you do with the extraction unit I have.

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