Dust shoe bottom Plexiglass replacement file

I broke the bottom Plexiglass on my X-carve because I did not lower it before I started milling some copper. Lucky for me I have a laser cutter and plenty of Plexiglass laying around. I used the broken piece and my digital caliper to make a replacement. I would like to share the file in case anyone wants to make one; you can use a laser or even an x-carve to make one. The original piece is 1.5 mm thick, but I used 3mm because its what I had on hand and it worked out nicely.

Dust Shoe Insert File (svg)


i’ve done this so many times, i started making my own out of old thin plastic food containers. I cut out from the center to make thick brushes, so if im not paying attention and the router gets too low it will pass through without breaking, but still keep enough suction for the boot to work.

Nice to see I am not the only one.

Thanks for reminding me that I need to cut a few out for myself. I found the file on the Inventables website.

Thank you for the file. By any chance does anybody have a file for the actual boot? I had a little accident the other day and mine came loose and got chewed up by the bit.

Call Inventables. My dust shoe was ruined because the tiny magnets holding the dust shoe came out and I didn’t realize it. When I got the new one I glued the magnets in the shoe. By the way, Inventables sent the replacement free of charge

Dose anyone have this file my computer will not go to the link.

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